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Who is Adz Gateway?

Adz Gateway is a Digital Advertising Solutions Company which started on 24th May'2015 by the group of highly motivated and industry experienced people, who understands your needs and willing to provide customised services according to your requirements. Online Advertising industry is neither new to us nor to our employees, we know all the pros and cons inch by inch. Adz Gateway creates your product into a brand. From Step A to Step Z, we provide Brand Promotion solutions at each step to each hitch. Adz Gateway is all about Digital Advertising Solutions. Digital marketing adopt various online marketing channels such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Display advertising
  • Search Marketing
  • Game advertising
  • Video advertising

We can proudly say that we are seasoned service providers in all of the above. Digital marketing Companies are also encouraging various forms of marketing which helps in connecting with the target people in more personal manner. Various forms such as Word of Mouth marketing and peer-to-peer dialogue has more lingering impact on the customers as these forms are not pre planned or staged, they are genuine and more connecting.

About Us

How Adz Gateway work?

A successful digital marketing model aims for three perspectives of marketing, Procurement, Behaviour or Results. Keeping in mind about the model Adz Gateway strategise the work and also organise various campaigns for you. The model revolves around these three matters of marketing. More elaborated details are given below:

Procurement : Procurement is all about increasing traffic on your website, either through Earned, Owned or Paid media. Each source can bring a different outcome or can cover the different set of people. End of the day it's your choice to make a wise decision.

Behaviour : For marketing digitally you have to consider behaviour patterns of customers in different scenarios. You have to be thoroughly clear about your expectations from customers. You should be clear about your goals about what your customer will see and direct him to be there.

Outcomes : Which outcome creates a value for the business? You can decide the parameters defining various effects of outcomes on the business. It doesn't matter the nature of outcome if it is beneficial for you. Outcome can be anything: an App Download, Setting up a meeting, etc.

A digital marketing model seems to be incomplete if it do not cover the above three areas and analyse them.

Why Adz Gateway?

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a digitalised nation where everything can be done virtually. We are living in 21st Centaury and here we require quick thinking. You don't have to step out of the comfort of your home to grab anything whether products or services. You dream to get all products at one place and we make our mission to fulfil it. Our vision is to provide the best digital marketing services available for the customers.

Our Values

We don't create customers, we nurture them with our round the clock services. We have industry experts to provide you assistance at any hour of the day from choosing the right service to purchase the right thing.

We value your time and effort. We also do have a very user friendly website which tries to answer all your queries regarding the services. We put our every effort to retain our customers as we believe a customer added should not be subtracted. You can also drop us an email at any hour of the day and will get response with in no time is our guarantee.

What We Believe

We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. Our honesty and dedication towards the work makes us outstanding in the market. We stand on what we did. Our motto is "Don't brag until you accomplish". We take each and every project seriously and give it the complete importance it requires. Our belief is our strength and leads us to success.

Our Team

Our People are committed towards helping you at any hour of time. The customer care experts are available at 24X7 for serving you to make the right choice. They know the importance of your comfort and need.

We deliver what we say. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We have created a benchmark in assuring the quality of our services. If we are howing a rabbit then we deliver a rabbit without changes. In spite of our broad range of products our quality standards stay firm and solid