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We have discussed in our last blogs that marketing is a vast and dynamic field, it keeps on growing with new ideas and new technologies. There is no full stop on where marketing is being discussed.
Inbound marketing is new concept which uses pull concept instead of traditional push concept of marketing. Here we try to pull potential consumers towards our product by content management. This form of marketing utilises the power of content like it attracts the customer by the use of SEO activities, Blogs, Posts, Social media, etc.
Scenarios and environment is changed, now people are more driven and independent. We can't force anyone to buy anything rather it's time to give people options to choose. That's the base of inbound marketing, make your product strong, make it attractive, it should be full of benefits, then pull the consumers by showing them what you have and giving them choice.

An insight on Inbound (new) Marketing and Outbound (traditional) Marketing:

  • Communication is more logical by the involvement of both the parties, customer is choosing the company and discuss its queries directly in inbound marketing whereas in outbound marketing the company is advertising to attract customer and pushing the product towards them. Customer has no way to raise their query.
  • In inbound marketing the content is written in such a way that it provides all the info about the product in comparison to the sales pitch of outbound marketing.
  • In inbound marketing customer can choose the product according to their convenience and can buy it whenever they feel where as outbound marketing do not think twice before interrupting the customer to show what they got.
  • Inbound marketing earns customer's attention through its activities on social media and blogs. It creates the content in such a way that customers get to the website by themselves rather than buying customer's attention through sales flyers, telemarketing or cold calling.

Why inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing consider what our customer needs and act accordingly. Customer's buys the product which satisfies their emotional and mental checklist means which attract them on both levels and inbound marketing understands this fact. Few points to consider:

  • It reaches the potential customer through its content and various activities by itself.
  • It construct the content for each stage of marketing and buying in such a way that the consumer is bound to get attract and visit them.
  • It positions the product in such a way that it is within reach of the end customer. It also makes it quite easy to reach the product.
  • Leads and end customer both are treated with high preferences as these techniques are same for all, no discrimination. Which brings more customers and they stay.
  • Converts the curiosity into necessity, customers' curiosity to visit the site is converted into a necessity by converting them into leads.
  • Hence the end result increase in sales, the ultimate goal by giving the best services.

Writer - Nikita

Firstly let us understand the term marketing before discussing about B2B or B2C. Everybody has different understanding about marketing. Some includes it as a part of sales some make it exactly as sales. Please understand sales and marketing are two different terminologies they do go together step by step but different.
In simple language marketing is a process of communicating the information and details about the company's product and services to the end customer at large. The process includes market analysis, segmentation, advertising techniques and many more. While planning the marketing techniques of the business or a company we have to consider the outlook of the business and the target market.
The outlook of business can be customer oriented or business oriented, to define these orientations we use an entirely different terminology which is commonly known as B2B or B2C.

B2B Marketing

B2B refers to business to business mean a business oriented approach.
  • In this particular kind of marketing buying decisions are more logic based and do not involve personal emotion. Buyers check the product, its benefits and a perfect deal happens.
  • Proper sales in B2B market completely depends upon the trust relationship between both the parties. The relationship is created by understanding the requirement and needs of the buyer and provided by the seller.
  • Branding in B2B is a lengthy process, to create a brand image seller has to provide the best services and presentations about their product. Here brand is created when buyers are satisfied by the product and stay satisfied, hence retained. The appreciation from these buyers creates the genuine brand.
  • In B2B market first thing digital market helps in doing is generating leads. Awareness and revenue comes after the lead process.

B2C Marketing

B2C refers to business to consumer mean a consumer oriented approach.
  • In this market influencing the buyers' decision is greatly depended upon the benefits of the product as well as the emotional attachment of the consumer with the product. In consumer centric approach our activities are more dependent on the behavioural aspects of consumer.
  • To make the sale happen the consumer has to go either to retailer or the direct sales activity by the company, which provides products or services to the consumer at their door step without any effort.
  • To create a brand image the company has to sponsor advertising campaigns, showing advertisements on different media and proper usage of social media networking. Here brand is recognised mostly by various advertisement or presenting the product or services on grand level.
  • Digital marketing's first priority in B2C market is to create as much awareness as it can create. Once the awareness is created it automatically helps in increasing revenue and hence generating leads.

Writer - Nikita

Digital marketing is nothing but a platform to create awareness of product and services with the help of online or digital media. It is the simplest and easiest way to reach your target audience.
Digital Marketing Blog The above image itself states that digital marketing is a vast field to work for. It includes various activities like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, E- Promotion and many more. Unlike others digital marketing gives 360 degree coverage to your marketing strategies. From analysing for target audience's needs to promotion of your product and services to engaging the customers to increasing the sales or conversions.
The environment we are living today is changing rapidly in terms of technology and innovation. Now a days people are more into digitalisation and usage of digital devices.
Digital marketing provides a channel where you can track the reactions of your actions. For example: If you post a certain article or a video clip on YouTube, you can check the people's comment and reactions on the same. It is a complete cycle including reaching the people, converting the people then retaining the people.
Digital marketing is also encouraging various forms of marketing which helps in connecting with the target people in more personal manner. Various forms such as Word of Mouth marketing and peer-to-peer dialogue has more lingering impact on the customers as these forms are not pre planned or staged, they are genuine and more connecting.

Writer - Nikita

Search Engine Optimization is a process to generate awareness, leads and sales. It helps in increasing the numbers of visitors the website gains from search engines. Sometimes we also call it as organic marketing because the traffic created by SEO activities is unpaid and genuine.
SEO is a non-stop process and a continuous cycle. The process makes sure to reach the target of achieving the maximum awareness and sales. To check complete Step by Step secret for the successful results By SEO activities, review the below given flow:
Digital marketing is also encouraging various forms of marketing which helps in connecting with the target people in more personal manner. Various forms such as Word of Mouth marketing and peer-to-peer dialogue has more lingering impact on the customers as these forms are not pre planned or staged, they are genuine and more connecting.

SEO Planning

  • Goal Setting
  • Competitor Bench Marketing
  • Key phrase Analysis
  • Tracking and Improvement Process
  • SEM Strategy
  • Maximising opportunity and minimising risk
  • Game advertising
  • Video advertising

Business Analysis

  • Domain strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Site Index Coverage

On Page Optimization

  • Page Formatting, Density, Position
  • Behavioural searching
  • News and Market search
  • Page Mark-up Factors
  • Creation of themed key-phrase pages
  • Domain name and document file name

Link Building

  • External Link Quality( Page ranking, PR activities)
  • Blogs and Articles Post
  • Evaluation

Implementing SEO

  • Tracking progress of above steps
  • Keyword Analysis and usage
  • Page Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • External link building

Conversion Efficiency

  • Persuasion
  • Networking
  • Connecting
  • External link building